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In honor of 9/11, we at StoryFile are gathering 9/11 survivor stories to preserve the history and experiences of our vast and diverse human family.

9/11 Quotes From Survivors

Denise Campbell, 9/11 Survivor

“I was in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. I am forever changed.

It took me 28 days, traveling through 27 states, carried by countless angels to get back home.

This interactive storytelling technology has given me the ability to preserve my story, memories, and all the varying perspectives of my 9/11 experience. It has also provided the opportunity for me to share my approach to the ongoing process of healing.

The difference with the StoryFile Life experience is simple, yet profound – it keeps the story alive in a way that will serve to preserve the collective history, my history, and that of all of those who no longer have the voice to share. That’s uniquely special and quite meaningful for me, as a 9/11 survivor.

I hope you, too, will share your story.”

Ask my 9/11 survivor StoryFile a question below:

Who can share a story?

Anyone who has a story to share

Even those too young to remember the event itself.
We have questions for:
9/11 Survivors
Surviving Family Members
First Responders & Disaster Workers

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