StoryFile Solutions

Personal Legacy

Your life story, and your experiences, recorded so that anyone can interact with you, across time and space.There are two ways to video-record your life story: StoryFile Life, or a Professional Studio Legacy Interview.

StoryFile Life is your personal way to create an interactive video that will carry your story into the future, and to your loved ones–a place anyone can go to talk to you and hear your story, even after you’re gone.

Our StoryFile Pro Studio Legacy Interview is a high-touch, totally custom recording of your StoryFile that occurs onsite at our Hollywood studio, to the highest production standards, in order to produce an thorough interactive version of you that your family will be able to cherish for all time.

Family History

StoryFile Life can be a family activity too! You can purchase StoryFile Life or even a Pro Studio interview for someone close to you, which acts as a powerful prompt to get to know your loved one and uncover the memories you both want to record.

Give the gift of a permanent legacy. Your loved ones have stories and wisdom that are cherished by your family, and with StoryFile Life or a Pro Studio Legacy Interview, you’ll create an interactive video version of those stories that your whole family can talk to.

Open inter-generational lines of communication that never close, with StoryFile’s help. In the future, for the first time, children will be able to talk to their great, great grandparents, as if they’re in the same room.

Educational Content

StoryFile Pro Studio is ourInteractive, conversational video has applications across education, from K-12 through the post-graduate level. Imagine students getting to talk with famous global experts, chat with Holocaust survivors, or take history exams by interacting with realistic historical figures.
We’ll work with you to develop solutions for your institutional and classroom needs, or for your digital, self-directed educational platform or curriculum. Are you launching an online class? What better way to engage over the web than with a scalable video expert that students can talk to?
Capture the power of real subject-matter expertise and bring it right into your classroom. Since our interviews are captured from real, live conversations, you’ll get the genuine, embodied wisdom of the interviewee, direct to your students via interactive video.

Corporate Training

Enhance your training experiences with interactive video–and give your employees scalable access to the answers and conversations that they need most.

With our help, you can create novel teaching StoryFiles so that your students or employees can learn directly from global experts, or practice crucial interpersonal skills live and in-the-moment. You can scale your best internal subject matter experts to answer questions from your entire workforce, or even make a CEO Q&A part of scalable training

We’ll partner directly with you to determine how to meet your needs with a custom StoryFile, or multiple StoryFiles, so you can extend the knowledge of your key people to the stakeholders where it will make maximum impact. There’s no training substitute for live, personal mentorship–and StoryFile is the next-best thing.

Museum Exhibits

Imagine bringing a Freedom Rider or a Holocaust survivor to your museum for a live Q&A. Through the power of interactive video, guests can talk with globally recognized experts, historical luminaries, or renowned educators as if they’re right in the room.
We can even craft scenarios and implement special effects solutions to bring long-gone historical figures to life. Imagine if you could have a historically accurate conversation with King Tut, or ask a Revolutionary War soldier about his experiences.
Bring history and knowledge to life, with StoryFile. Instead of learning about artistic revolution, the ancient world, or the wonder of scientific discovery second-hand, your guests can feel a direct emotional connection to history, science, or creative genius by talking with videos that talk back.

Influencer Experiences

Imagine if you or the influencers you collaborate with could create a scalable interactive version of themselves for fans to talk with online, at conventions, or at brand activations. What if fans all over the world could have all the access and ask all the questions they dream of?
Through the power of a StoryFile interactive video, all this is possible. We’ll help you craft an interview that conveys the personality, quirks, and electric dynamism of your start influencer every time a fan or convection attendee asks them a question.
Your audience will thrill at the responsiveness, hilarity, and storytelling power of your StoryFile, as they get to have an intimate and personal dialog with their hero. An interactive StoryFile is the perfect way to reach and wow your fandom en-masse and one-on-one simultaneously. And via our partnership with PORTL, we can even deploy your influencer as a life-size, in-person hologram.

Trade Shows and Exhibits

What if, for your next trade show exhibit or onsite experiential brand activation, you could craft the perfect product specialist or brand representative–one who would exude charisma, respond with humor and brilliance, and answer all your attendees’ questions.
With StoryFile, your CEO could even be that person, exported scalably to multiple locations at once. That’s because to create your StoryFile, we’ll craft a custom script and record an interactive video of any brand representative you choose.
Nothing’s more powerful than a genuine conversation. We can even create a StoryFile of your sponsored talent or VIPs, to attract excited spectators to your booth to interact with your heroes. Your booth will never be boring again.

Enterprise Solutions

With StoryFile, it’s possible to create real human knowledge management that’s also scalable–by creating interactive videos of your most brilliant leaders, coaches, and subject matter experts. Instead of archiving expertise impersonally, StoryFile can help you preserve the real, dynamic conversations that drive your mission.

Safeguard corporate knowledge and legacy, allow your CEO to answer questions from across the company, and scale experts and training to inform your workforce. You can even create an interactive version of your founder, to tell your brand story right from the heart–the possibilities are endless.

StoryFile will work with you to create a custom solution to fit your enterprise needs like a glove. We can work to integrate with your internal platforms and systems, to bring the impact of present, intimate, interactive conversations to all your internal stakeholders.

Brand Activations

Astonish your customers and clients by allowing them to interact with world-famous influencers like they’re right in the room, or create dynamic, warm, attentive product specialists that can scale digitally.

With StoryFile, any talent or personality you hire or sponsor for a brand activation can be deployed to have an infinite number of intimate, human conversations both online and in-person. We’ll create dynamic interactive video of your influencer or brand representative that can be deployed in person as a life-size hologram, over social media for one-on-one interactive conversations, or digitally via fan-only micro-sites–the possibilities are endless.

We’ll partner with you to find the best solution for your brand, and we’ll provide a seamless, high-touch shoot experience for your brand representative at our Hollywood studio.

Institutional Memory

Whether your organization is a private company, a public institution, or a nonprofit or NGO, institutional memory is crucial–your ability to reference your founding mission and decades of corporate wisdom to guide your org into the future.
StoryFile can preserve the personalities, conversations, and founding visions that make your organization what it is through interactive video–your crucial stakeholders and visionaries can preserve their perspective and presence so that everyone in your company can interact with them and benefit, scaled across your verticals and for all time.
We can work with you to create focused and deeply felt interview scripts that evoke the vital responses your leaders are known for, which can then be elicited through natural conversation with our interactive StoryFiles–so the experience of sitting at the feet of those visionaries can be preserved indefinitely into the future of your organization.

Customer Relations

Picture a product specialist or service representative that can interact and make your customers feel at ease at scale, whether on an in-person, in-store display, on your website, or over your mobile app. With StoryFile’s help, you can capture the customer experience know-how of your most skilled practitioners via interactive video.

We’ll help you create a comprehensive, tailored StoryFile imbued with all your organization’s service expertise, so that every inbound customer can experience a high-touch, personal one-on-one interaction that will make them feel their value to your company.

We’ll work directly with you to develop a script that will capture precisely the experience you want your customers and stakeholders to have during service, endowing your custom StoryFile with the spirit and personality of your brand.


Scalable person-to-person interactive video conversations have broad applications in healthcare, from providing information to patients in a warm, caring way to creating training interactions that answer questions about hospital best practices for vendors or onsite staff.

When you can create an interactive StoryFile video containing the ideal expertise, and then scale that throughout an entire healthcare vertical, you gain the ability to expand both knowledge management and patient care in profound ways. Imagine if all the information that often must be conveyed so impersonally, could be conveyed via a caring, intimate conversation.

StoryFile will work closely with you, as we’ve worked with previous healthcare clients, to sensitively and carefully convey the vital information and customer care experiences your organization needs to disseminate, in a way that will highlight both your future-forward thinking and the immense care you take with patients and their health outcomes.