Enterprise Solutions

Our Enterprise software Conversa provides multiple ways for you to engage with customers and employees.

Imagine if you could talk to the CEO on your first day.

StoryFile offers a range of enterprise solutions which include:

  • FAQ’s & Customer Service
  • Corporate Training
  • Corporate Onboarding & Compliance
  • Compliance
  • Institutional Memory & Company Culture
  • Sales & Role Playing Scenarios
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Human Interactions = Value Added


  • Traditional video is linear and not interactive.
  • Knowledge is acquired by asking questions.
  • One-way video experiences lack learning opportunities.

  • Conversational video response to questions.
  • Two-way interactive video deepens learning.
  • Easily create, communicate, and consume interactive StoryFile content online.

Real World Use Cases

Curiosity increases interest and engages people more deeply.


Bring training alive. Digital, online, but always engaging. Tailored and off-the-shelf solutions for every business.

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Customer Service

Real humans are the best! Videos of real humans bring your platform to life. FAQs and detailed natural language.

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Every product has a story to tell. How fast? What color? Specifications? Answer any question, anywhere.

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