Conversa Record

Record High-Quality Production Value StoryFiles Directly in Conversa – No Post Production Needed.

Conversa 2.0

gives the ability to professionally video
record a storyfile directly in Conversa so that
your storyfiles are available in real time with
Conversa Record.

StoryFile launched its B2B SaaS product, Conversa, in April 2022.

The patent-protected platform provides all the tools needed to create your unique storyfile.


Create your new storyfile, build your questions, connect your devices to your computer,
and capture high-quality HD images with no editing required.

All Conversa clients can produce a professionally captured, high-fidelity storyfile end-to-end…entirely in the Conversa platform.

Film in your own studio

Equipment Standards & Options

Use your own equipment, or our professional studio team has put together a list of compatible equipment to ensure you get the best quality video and sound.

Pro Tip

Filming in high resolution or in green screen environments? Conversa allows you to record simultaneously to your camera’s card as well as in conversa so that you have proxy clips immediately available. You can begin interacting with your storyfile immediately – no more waiting for a lengthy post-production process.

Editing or adding content
to the storyfile

Editing Standards & Options

A storyfile can be recorded within the Conversa Platform, however, if you have assets or other content you would like to add to your storyfile the video clips can be recorded outside of Conversa and then edited and bulk uploaded as well. We’ve made it easy to upload your own content!

Pro Tip

Now bulk upload an entire storyfile at once from off-line professionally edited, animated, or archival videos.