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The Evolution of Video

See how Conversational Video will soon be a part of everyday life.


Video 1.0

Linear & Offline – TV

Video 1.0 is an offline and traditional form of visual storytelling that emerged with the age of Television. As film cameras got replaced with tape, and televisions were linked to VHS recording and playback devices, it became possible for consumers to create their own content and play it back, or record broadcast content and re-run the video at their leisure.


Video 2.0

Linear & Streaming – Web

Video 2.0 emerged with the internet. YouTube and other streaming services provided users the tools to create content and share it widely. The web-based video was still linear in format, but could easily be embedded, shared or linked to any website, app or channel. Online edit suites made it possible to create, produce and download as well as share online straight from the desktop. Streaming companies delivered on demand content to consumers.


Video 3.0

Interactive & Responsive – StoryFile

StoryFile developed this term to describe an interactive multimedia, multi-modal responsive video format for use on the internet, the decentralized web, and in metaverse applications. It can be conversational, have branching pathways, or play within another graphic. This is the video technology of the future.
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About Conversa

What is conversational video?

  • Conversational video is the core technology that supports video 3.0 – a video format which is interactive, multimedia and multimodal for internet, decentralized web and metaverse applications.

What is Conversa?

  • A cloud-based no-code SaaS platform for creating interactive, conversational videos for businesses. The system has tools for writing interview questions, managing streaming videos, and AI training. Conversa is the engine and ecosystem for all StoryFile marketplace products.

How is this different from other mixed reality and AI on the market?

  • StoryFile takes mixed reality immersion a step further by using conversational Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing with video to create a question and answer dynamic that recreates a conversation.
  • Unlike other AI platforms, Conversa is designed specifically to support interactive video conversations with integrated video management and streaming.

How does StoryFile’s Artificial Intelligence technology work?

  • Through Artificial Intelligence technology, StoryFile is recreating face-to-face communication. Our patents include the ‘Natural Conversation Storytelling system’ and ‘Artificially Intelligent Interactive Memory System’ which allow individuals to interview family members or corporations to produce interactive content to support their business. The cloud-based automated system enables everything from question generation, capture, transcription, translation, natural language processing, publishing, distribution, and end-user engagement. When audiences ask a question, our system is able to sift through all corresponding interview clips for that storyfile to find an intuitive conversational response.

Who is Conversa For?

  • Conversa is fitting for both large or small businesses – whether your goals are to better connect with your customers, better connect with your employees, provide a FAQ on your businesses history, provide information on a product or service – Conversa can help.
  • Universities, museums, and education platforms use Conversa to enhance synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities and deepen skillsets
  • Community and online dating platforms use Conversa to build trust and enhance the human connection
  • Families and individuals use Conversa to discover and preserve their family histories

Why is Conversa helpful for businesses?

  • By subscribing to Conversa, businesses of all sizes have access to our backend suite of services to tap into what their employees, users, audience members REALLY want to know, but may not be asking. Businesses have the tools to assess AI accuracy to create better questions that ultimately support their audiences and business case.

What is the difference between Conversa and StoryFile Life?

  • Conversa is StoryFile’s business platform solution. With Conversa, businesses can add a new dimension to the way they communicate internally and externally. Craft the perfect messaging or training environment, gather authentic feedback form your target audience, collect and analyze data across different users and cases. The possibilities are endless.  Conversa allows you to publish StoryFiles both inside and outside your company to grow your business.
  • StoryFile Life is StoryFile’s web app that puts the power of conversational video into the hands of the consumers. Accessible from any computer or mobile device, anyone can now capture their story or the story of a loved one using pre-built scripts and share with their friends and family.

Will every StoryFile be stored in Conversa?

  • Yes. Conversa provides administrative tools for all StoryFiles.  As a Conversa user, you will have access to edit or view all StoryFiles assigned to your organization/group.  This includes all StoryFiles that you create through Conversa or StoryFile Life.  Conversa can work across multiple cloud platforms.  When you sign up for Conversa, you can choose whether you run on AWS or Azure cloud services.  Ultimately this is where the individual videos are stored and streamed. Conversa was designed with high security levels to provide designated levels (to be determined by business host)  of privacy and security for content recorded.

Technical Product Details

What features does Conversa have?

  • For the 1.0 launch, Conversa helps businesses manage and understand their conversational data.
  • Build custom question scripts tailored to your business.
  • Leverage Companies have access to existing question templates to build out additional questions for FAQs, PR and Marketing, and expert interviews.
  • Leverage professional production services or upload your own videos.
  • Build inclusive conversational videos that engage your audience from anywhere
  • Easy-to-use tools to test and train your AI; review, edit, and reassign questions for better conversational accuracy.

How does Conversa AI enable realistic conversations?

  • Conversa provides tools to easily record and connect human responses to user questions. These responses can be pre-scripted or drawn from open-ended interviews. One response can actually answer many different questions; these different questions are identified as variants to the original question during AI training. When users engage with an interactive storyfile, their queries are automatically linked with the best responses based on a proprietary semantic encoding. User queries can also trigger other supplemental information such as websites or other conversations.

What languages does Conversa support?

  • Conversa provides out-of-the-box support for 15 different languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, and Russian. Users select their preferred language, and AI automatically compares questions and responses across different languages. Businesses can optionally add additional training data in different languages to further increase accuracy.

What new features are coming in the future?

  • Using an agile approach and user feedback, we will continue to optimize the platform on an ongoing basis. Looking ahead, we will be rolling out many additional features and functionality, including but not limited to the following: analytics, video upload enhancements, additional Single Sign-On options, mint NFTs, advanced AI models, and the much-awaited Conversa Studio for easy recording, automated editing, and transcription capabilities.

Does Conversa support Single Sign On?

  • Clients can contract with StoryFile to build out custom Single Sign On integrations with their preferred Identify Access Management solution. Starting in May 2022, Conversa will also support standard Single Sign On via Google and Facebook.

How does Conversa keep StoryFile customer and business data secure?

  • All StoryFile personal data and video content is private by default. It is up to the Conversa user to decide what information they want to share and where it will be published. StoryFiles can be shared with individuals, specific teams of users or employees, or with the general public. Users can sign up for StoryFile accounts using personal or business email addresses or link to an existing Facebook or Google account. We also support enterprise SSO integration through OpenID and SAML 2.0.
  • All interactions with StoryFiles take place over a secure HTTPS connection. Conversation logs can be anonymized, if needed, to remove personally identifying information (PPI). Video data is securely stored and encrypted on the StoryFile cloud. We support both AWS and Azure cloud services and storage backends.

How does Conversa work with existing Learning Management Systems?

  • StoryFile conversations can be embedded in SCORM packages compatible with many Learning Management Systems. Conversa also provides in-app capabilities for instructors to design learning activities, invite students to cohorts, define scoring metrics, and analyze performance and provide student feedback.

Who are your clients now and how are they currently using Conversa?

  • We have a number of clients that range from top retailers in Fortune 500 companies to startups and museums like the Japanese American National Museum. For more information on current clients using Conversa and creating StoryFiles, check out our case studies.

Why would a business choose an Enterprise vs a Creator subscription?

  • It ultimately depends on your business needs. An Enterprise subscription is designed for large businesses that require a larger number of users, data storage and interaction capabilities. A Creator subscription is great for developers and creators to have access to conversational video and Conversa technology with the option of adding additional storage and support features.

Can I change plans if I decide I want to upgrade?

  • StoryFile provides basic support (“StoryFile Support”) for the Conversa platform at no additional cost. StoryFile Support will be available between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time. Support inquiries will be entered into StoryFile’s ticketing system and will be responded to in order of receipt by StoryFile. You may purchase additional support levels for an additional fee. All pricing and features are included on the StoryFile website.

What will happen to StoryFile content if the company goes out of business?

  • All of the content stored in a Conversa or StoryFile Like account is owned by the client, and clients can download and save all of their video assets and user engagement information.


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