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Digital Recreation

  • Walmart and StoryFile worked together with an important and seemingly impossible mission in mind – to recreate Sam Walton’s presence through Conversational Video.
  • Sam Walton’s interactive StoryFile brings his voice and reflections to life.

Talk to Your Favorite Athlete

  • Immersive sports EdTech platform featuring all-star athletes.
  • Have one-on-one conversations with athletes you wouldn’t otherwise be able to speak with using StoryFile’s technology.
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Sharing ALS Experiences

  • Nonprofit focused on telling the story of its community & offering resources to newly diagnosed ALS patients & families to document their voices and their lives.
  • Humanizing ALS through intimate and real conversations. Patients and families can talk in private to an expert that has also experienced what they are going through.


Learn how the Japanese American National Museum created the next generation of Musum Storytelling with StoryFIle.

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See how Healthy Soil Biomes connected a global audience to farming and sustainable experts.

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Read how storyfiles enhanced sports conversation for Edtech company Versus (VS).

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