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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Someone Will Remember You Even In Another Time.
- Sappho

Imagine a world where you can speak with your great-great grandparents, role models, or thought leaders no matter where you are.

With StoryFile's interactive technology, that world is finally here.

Talk to Amanda

Meet Amanda. She is a young professional living in Los Angeles and ready to share her story with you. Ask her anything!

To talk to Amanda:

1. Hold down anywhere on your screen to ask a question.

2. The red light indicates that your microphone is on.

3. Release when your question appears.

4. Interrupt a response by clicking on the screen.

5. For best experience use:
    Safari for iOS
    Chrome for Android

Happy StoryFiling!

The Story of Our Mobile App

Storytelling reimagined in the palm of your hand.

With the StoryFile app, you can interact directly with individuals and thought leaders from around the world. Your questions. Your conversation. Let your curiosity guide you.

The beta version will give you access to the first ever StoryFile library!

Experience the StoryFile Studio

Professionally record your StoryFile in a warm and comfortable studio space. The StoryFile team’s expertise and extensive research guide the recording and create an intimate, personal, and truly unforgettable experience.

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