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Shatner and StoryFile

William Shatner chose StoryFile to preserve his incredible legacy, leveraging our industry-leading conversational video and AI platform. He joins the ranks of other incredible individuals – including astronauts, civil rights activists, Holocaust survivors, and more, who have all recorded and shared their stories with StoryFile. Generations now and in the future will be able to have a conversation with William Shatner – not an avatar, not a deep fake, but the REAL William Shatner.

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"For all my children and all my children's children and all my children's loved ones and all the loved ones of the loved ones. That's my gift to you down through time." - William Shatner

StoryFiles Can Be Used To…

Preserve Family History

Share Your Unique Story

Highlight Museum Exhibits

Innovate Business Solutions

Facilitate Educational Training

Making A StoryFile Come To Life

StoryFile’s innovative technology platform is transforming how we record our stories for future generations and disrupting the media and storytelling landscape for the better. 

An individual is filmed answering questions about their life, which are then processed and stored on the StoryFile platform. Users can then have a real life-like conversation with the filmed-version of the individual on the web or mobile application – anytime, anywhere.

StoryFile’s platform promotes user-led education and curiosity, providing an opportunity for users to directly engage with the interviewee. StoryFile captures the interviewee’s legacy in a unique way by empowering the interviewee to pass on their values, struggles, life lessons, morals, decisions and more, all while inspiring future generations.

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