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Resource Library

From principles to processes, take your knowledge of Conversa to the next level.

  • The Conversa User Manual
  • A Quick Start Guide to Using Conversa
  • Common Conversa Terms and Definitions

Course Directory

With a variety of options and an ever-expanding directory, you’ll find exactly what you need.

  • Conversa and the Storyfile Experience
  • Get Started with Conversa
  • Build a Storyfile in Conversa
  • Record a Storyfile in Conversa
  • Manage, Interact, and Test a Storyfile in Conversa
  • Personalize and Publish a Storyfile in Conversa
  • Privacy User Roles and Learning in Conversa

How-To Guidance

Not sure where to start? We make it easy for you to create your StoryFiles. Some skills we offer training on include:

Content Creation

Learn how to create StoryFile topics and prompts in Conversa.

AI Training and Testing

Learn how to review and improve your StoryFile’s interactivity in Conversa.

Response Uploading

Learn how to upload videos, photos, and audio in Conversa.

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