Learning Solutions

Address your organizational needs. Take your training to the next level!

Imagine Innovating at the Edge of Education!

Using Conversational Video Technology, we create conversational video experiences that:

  • Diversify Your Learning Space and Expert Access
  • Create a Safe, Engaging Environment for High Stakes Learning
  • Replicate Nuanced Human Nonverbal and Verbal Cues
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Collaborate With Our Experts


  • Structured Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Constant Access to Experts
  • Authentic Practice Environments

  • Serves the Needs of Both Novices & Experts
  • Offers Performance Feedback
  • Supports Holistic Training Applications

Real-World Applications

We have delivered Experiential Learning interactions for the following industries:

Healthcare Simulations

Doctors, expand your diagnostic interpersonal skills!

Corporate Training

Business Leaders, explore employee coaching!

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PK-12 and Higher Education

Instructors, experiment with new tools!

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