Come join us on this meaningful journey as – together – we enter a new storytelling and legacy-sharing frontier. 

StoryFile uses a mobile native cloud-based AI-driven conversational video technology. THIS is what differentiates StoryFile from everything else!

Have you ever interacted with a life-sized hologram of an astronaut and asked him what it’s like being in space? How spectacular would it be if you could ask Stephen Curry to teach you his jump shot? Our proprietary technology, Conversa™, makes these dreams possible.

Our technology allows StoryFile to go where conversational video has never been before. We capture human history that transcends space and time, combining state of the art video and volumetrics functionality with conversational AI into a seamless, interactive, timeless experience. 

The voice messages we never delete, the pictures we save for eternity, the video clips we replay over and over just to hear the voice of loved ones and see the mannerisms, to get as close to the real deal as we can…. We have all been there.

We want just one more conversation, one more question, one more “I love you.”

StoryFile harnesses the power of the human spirit and human experience, by extending the ability to have a conversation with those we love, those we are curious about, and those we admire.

A StoryFile is so much more than just a video – it is the gift of life.

StoryFile is the place to go when you want to capture a living legacy, build your brand, share your knowledge, and create unforgettable storytelling experiences.

Redefining Story Telling, One StoryFile at a Time.

As humans, one thing we all have in common is a deep desire to connect, to interact, to build community. We seek to preserve the treasures that are our legacies, knowledge, wisdom, memories, and voices.

We have come a long way in how we communicate and interact. We read what people write and we watch what they produce. We experience connection through video and photos as well. We can watch conversations and watch each other laugh and cry, but until now, photos and videos did not allow us to be more deeply engaged. Current digital media fails to fully capture the spirit of our humanity.

What if…

What if photos could talk and articles could answer questions? 

What if celebrities could satisfy our curiosities and creators could share their creative inspirations whenever we ask them? 

What if we could spend hours having meaningful conversations with our heroes? 

What if we could converse with our loved ones even when they are no longer with us? 

StoryFile redefines how people engage with digital media. We are passionate storytellers, focused on bringing conversational video to anyone that longs for deeper, more meaningful engagement with those in our circle and beyond. 

How a StoryFile Comes To Life


Step One

An individual is filmed answering questions about their life using volumetric video, depth kits, state-of-the-art sound equipment, and more.

Step Two

That footage is then painstakingly processed, clips are tagged and trained through our AI technology, and the final product is uploaded to the StoryFile platform.

Step Three

People can then have a real-life conversation with the filmed version of the individual. StoryFile’s platform promotes user-led education, interaction, and curiosity, providing an opportunity for people to directly engage with the individual that was recorded. StoryFile captures the individual’s legacy in a way that no one else does by empowering them to pass on their values, struggles, life lessons, morals, decisions and more - all while inspiring and delighting friends, family, and even future generations.

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