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By StoryFile Team

The term ‘metaverse’ seems to be everywhere these days, intersecting with nearly every digital industry and promising branch of emerging technology. At StoryFile, we feel our technology is perfectly poised to inhabit the burgeoning metaverse. But in a field rife with buzzwords, what do we actually mean by ‘metaverse,’ and what does it have to do with Conversational Video AI?

By metaverse we mean a digital platform that is immersive, navigable in either a 2D or 3D landscape, and enables shared social interaction. One way we think of a metaverse is as the next generation of a social gaming platform or online meeting space, enabling interactions and experiences that are impossible in the physical world. As of March 2023, there are many different metaverses, but ‘The Metaverse’ represents a vision for the future with a single, standardized, shared metaverse. Gartner has predicted that by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse. Many current metaverses (and visions for the future metaverse) rely on blockchain technology and Web3 infrastructure built atop the blockchain. 

Conversational Video AI has a natural home in any metaverse. StoryFile has built technology on the principle that conversation can unite people across the web, preserving stories well into the future for the benefit of humanity. The metaverse is built with the same values in mind, with platforms that allow people to socialize and engage one another across the limits of physical space. Just as people use avatars for real-time interactions in the metaverse, one could just as easily approach a storyfile in a 3D virtual space and start a conversation, at any time, in any language.

Digital spaces built on blockchain technology are especially promising with regard to security, privacy, distributive storage and financial transactions. The personal stories and confidential information preserved on our platforms deserve protection, which a decentralized network like the Blockchain provides. 

StoryFile is committed to creating content that will be engaging and immersive regardless of what form the metaverse(s) take over the years to come.  Ultimately, we want the content created with our technology to be platform-agnostic and accessible to any internet base in any virtual, extended, or augmented-reality experience, and to give clients control over their digital assets regardless of where or how they are published. Conversa will be able to publish 2D or volumetric 3D storyfiles to web pages, XR platforms, and metaverse spaces.

This year, StoryFile was featured in a public gallery by Evenness in the metaverse. Launched on the UN’s Zero Discrimination Day, the Gallery “RESPECT” features stories of people of color throughout history and on a global scale. The gallery is an open, free of charge initiative organized by Evenness as a social project. Storyfiles of Andrew Young, Hank Thomas, and other Black StoryFile interviewees appear on a wall in a virtual art gallery; visitors can walk up and ask a question or scan a QR code to open the storyfile in a separate page.

Our work with Evenness is an exciting distillation of what Conversational video AI can accomplish in the metaverse of the present and the future. It can provide a social space built around interacting with other people. As metaverse technology grows and develops, StoryFile remains committed to helping people connect with one another across time and space through conversation.

Stay tuned for additional blogs in our “StoryFile and the metaverse” series!

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