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StoryFile & Meta launch “Tell me, Inge” XR Experience

In partnership with the Meta, StoryFile and World Jewish Congress are excited to present the first interactive, English & German-language Extended Reality (XR) application that retells the story of Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher: “Tell me, Inge…” is an Extended Reality (XR) application that brings to life the memories of Inge Auerbacher, who survived the Theresienstadt ghetto as a 7-year-old girl. This application is now available online and free to a global audience via

“Tell Me Inge” Trailer

StoryFile is proud to share the "Tell me, Inge" press release from Meta:

Meta & StoryFile launch first German extended reality (XR) experience telling the story of a Holocaust survivor

Berlin, 6th June 2023 – In partnership with the World Jewish Congress, Meta & StoryFile have created the first ever German language extended reality (XR) experience telling the story of a Holocaust survivor. 

“Tell me Inge…” centers around Inge Auerbacher, who survived the Theresienstadt Ghetto as a 7 year-old girl. The XR experience combines conversational video AI technology and hand-drawn 3D animations to bring to life Inge’s experiences featuring memories from her childhood, her time in the Theresienstadt Ghetto and later memories from her adulthood and reflections on her survival. Viewers of the experience will have the opportunity to meet with and directly speak to Inge and learn about her experience. 

“Through the virtual reality experience, it was possible to convey the story with a lot of empathy and sensitivity. This is exactly what we also want to achieve with the National Strategy against Anti-Semitism and for Jewish Life. Everyone should consider what he or she can do to leave no room for Anti-Semitism and to keep the memory of the Shoah alive. As private-sector companies, the two partners Meta and StoryFile have put a lot of energy and certainly also financial resources into the project. I greatly welcome this and thank them expressly for it.” Felix Klein, Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life in Germany and the Fight against Anti-Semitism

“We all want to stay alive forever I think. My life is a miracle and it’s my obligation for being alive to help. My wish is for every child to grow up in peace without hunger or prejudice. Now, I’m not great with tech, but  I love new ideas and we’re living in a different age. Children learn in a different way than I did, but you need to get them young! It has to be done with technology today. Let’s make it good stuff, make it interesting. Teach them in their voice and with the tech they want to learn it from. Teach them good things like tolerance to love!”
Inge Auerbacher, Holocaust Survivor

“Tell me Inge…” gives viewers the opportunity to ask Inge questions and explore featured featured memories. It can be viewed either as a seated virtual reality (VR) experience with a headset, e.g. Meta Quest 2 or Pro, or via web browser, desktop or mobile. The experience can last from five minutes to over an hour, letting users decide how they want to explore Inge’s world. It is100% free and will be available in both German and English.

“There is tension and deep complexity between representing the Holocaust and using immersive technologies in order to do so. The intention of this project is never to hide the complexity, but to rather ask questions, to challenge assumptions, to engage, and to ultimately reflect on the experience. We are therefore immensely grateful to StoryFile and the World Jewish Congress for being such strong and reliable partners without whom we wouldn’t have been able to bring Inge’s story to life like this today.”
Julia Reuss, Public Policy Director Central Europe Meta 

Besides being the first German language experience of this kind, this project offers a potential framework for further discussions and research into ethical considerations regarding the benefits of immersive technologies for Holocaust remembrance. Due to the sensitive nature of the content and to ensure accuracy in representing Inge’s story within the context of the Holocaust. Holocaust experts and oral historians worked closely with the production team of the experience.

Testimony comes in many forms. This is Inge’s testimony: her words, her life, her memory.  

Technology should always be in service of humanity, not the other way around. Tell me Inge encourages younger learners to ask questions, to meet her face to face, and immerse themselves in a world of words and pictures. StoryFile uses AI-powered conversational video technology to deepen engagement in many areas of culture, business and learning. This collaboration with Meta is borne of a desire to make the metaverse a place for learning about human experience in a profoundly personal way.  It is the first time the public will be able to interact conversationally with a StoryFile in a highly accessible VR / XR platform.  Along with our partner World Jewish Congress, we hope that young people the world over will benefit from all that Inge has to share.” Stephen D. Smith, CEO StoryFile 

“We’re grateful that Meta has dedicated resources towards supporting the development of positive initiatives that make the most of its platforms. This project is a unique approach to the global effort of ensuring that the lessons of the Holocaust will never be forgotten. The WJC looks forward to continuing our long-standing partnership with Meta to provide users of technology with reliable facts about the Holocaust, as we work with our affiliate community in Germany and the Claims Conference to expand the use of this educational tool.” Maram Stern, World Jewish Congress Executive VP

Meta supported StoryFile with a grant that helped cover costs associated with the technical development, animation, and production process. Starting in June 2023, the experience will be available online and free to a wide global audience via

About Inge Auerbacher
Inge Auerbacher is a Holocaust survivor. She was born on 31 December 1934 in Kippenheim, Germany, Inge was deported to the Theresienstadt (Terezin) Ghetto at the age of 7, together with her mother and father. She later emigrated to the United States and holds German and American citizenship. 

About StoryFile
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