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Preserving the Stories of the Tulsa Race Riot Survivors

StoryFile CEO Heather Smith said, “StoryFile is committed to recording history so we as the human collective are not doomed to repeat it. If we don’t record and tell the stories from the people who live through it and experienced it, the stories will get twisted and told differently.

Eventually, the hearsay won’t be anything that looks or even resembles anything that had really happened to the people who lived through it. The need to preserve stories as they were experienced is of utmost importance. Now we can do just that.”

In the heart of StoryFile’s DNA is to share the narrative and make people aware to protect from this horrific action from happening again. These two women Mother Fletcher & Mother Randall are the last few to hold these stories. The key to the past must be preserved for all future generations. Their stories are now interactive to promote conversations, learning, and growth for generations to come. 

The StoryFiles of Mother Randle and Mother Fletcher were created in partnership with the Terence Crutcher Foundation. We also created posters located around Tulsa that include augmented reality experiences which are embedded in QR codes, allowing people to have conversations with Mother Randle and Mother Fletcher’s StoryFiles using their mobile devices.

Tulsa Race Riot Survivors’ StoryFiles

The links below will take you directly to the StoryFiles, which can be accessed on any web page/mobile device (please note, there are no AR elements in the links below.)

StoryFile was invited to record these incredibly powerful and important stories. Not only did we embrace the invitation, we also donated these StoryFiles because we built tools so that communities from all over the world could share their history, their story with the world. It would have gone against our very being if we couldn’t make it possible for these women to tell their story while they were willing to do so.

With its efforts beginning back in November 2019, the StoryFile team has been dedicated to enabling these stories to be told, shared, heard and preserved, for generations.

StoryFile CEO Heather Smith

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