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Share your Pride with StoryFile!

By: Theodore Taylor (Prototypes and Exhibits Manager)

June is officially LGBTQ+  Pride Month for many cities across the country, and as a member of the community I’m elated that StoryFile takes honoring it just as seriously  and proudly as I do. Rather than having to seek out opportunities to celebrate pride, I can go to work and feel good about the various initiatives StoryFile has taken, including bringing awareness to a cause held closely to my heart. For instance, during Pride month, StoryFile Life is offering 45+ free questions tailored for the occasion. If you haven’t signed up for a StoryFile Life account, you can sign up for a free trial now. I honestly can’t think of a better way to celebrate your truth (and your authentic self!) than by sharing it through conversational video. Along with this month-long public display of solidarity, staff members have the benefit of participating in a handful of internal events to acknowledge and discuss the importance of Pride. StoryFile has shown me time and again that I can and should show up as myself 100% of the time. This sense of authenticity is a cornerstone of the StoryFile mission and as an employee makes me feel empowered. 

StoryFile is committed to preserving history by sharing stories and experiences from those who lived through the events themselves. The motto “your voice, your story” holds true with each and every story we record with StoryFile. I encourage everyone to create their own StoryFile and/or gift it to family and friends because all of our stories are important to our shared history and future. Express yourself this Pride Month and tell your story/speak your truth.

You can ask me about my Pride experience.

How to Claim Your Free Pride Questions

  1. Log into StoryFile Life
  2. Click on the “Questions” drop down tab at the top center of the menu bar
  3. Select “Click to redeem a Promo Code and Unlock Questions”
  4. Enter Promo Code “PM-PRIDE”
  5. Click “Apply”

Record your own StoryFile in the comfort of your own home.