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Images that Tell a Story

Have you ever come across an old photo in a drawer that you had not seen in years? Suddenly you find yourself flooded with memories; memories of people you used to know, places you have been, and glimpses of a previous life. Photographs are story snapshots that can trigger and inspire rich memories.

You may also have come across old family photos that you don’t recognize. These could be photos of your parents as children or old wedding albums. When you look through these preserved moments, you likely wonder how you are related to this person or those people; you may also be curious about what they were doing, thinking, or feeling at that moment in time.

Photographs are story snapshots that can trigger and inspire rich memories. Learn how StoryFile Life allows you to use these images to tell a story.

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The Amazing Benefits of Interactive Storytelling

StoryFile Life allows you to make these photographs come alive and use these images to tell a story. Instead of leavingTry StoryFile Life for Free them to gather dust on a shelf, you can use conversational video to share your photographs along with the full story behind them. Imagine turning your wedding album into an interactive storytelling archive, reliving all your favorite moments in a way that future generations can interact with them as well!  

An interactive photo album allows people to ask a question about an event, person, or experience, and the magic of artificial intelligence (AI) will find the best photo and story to answer that question. Imagine your children asking, “Where did your wedding take place?” and they get to see you holding photos from your wedding album and explaining how you chose where you got married, what you loved about that location, and how you felt when you celebrated that moment in time with your family and friends. 

StoryFile is the expert in telling a story through moving video pictures.

How to Use a Photo to Tell A Story: Tips For Recording a StoryFile

Recording a StoryFile using a photograph is as simple as using popular video chat programs like FaceTime or MarcoPolo on your mobile phone or tablet. Simply set up your webcam in a quiet place and follow these four steps.


Find a question on StoryFile Life that relates to your photo.


Hold up the photo to your camera.


Tell the story behind that photo.


You may also want to find other related questions on the topic that allow you to dive deeper into what you were thinking and feeling during that photographed moment.

When you are talking about a photo, try to recreate the larger story. You can start with the simple details like:

  • Who is in the photo? 
  • Who took this photo? 
  • Where was it taken?

It is perfectly ok if you can’t remember all the details, just do your best. Then you can dive deeper and describe that day in your life. Often the most interesting part of a photo is what you can’t see; what was everyone looking at, or what was happening just before or after this photo was taken? Share as much as you like; you can always re-record your video if you get to the end and suddenly remember something else you wished you had shared. 

Once you are done, you will have a rich record not just of that photo, but of that experience.  Your images can tell a story, which you can share with your loved ones those you love by inviting them to your StoryCircle.

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