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StoryFile – The Power of Conversational Video AI

By Lara Bradshaw, Chief of Staff

What a time to reflect on the state of employee and business communications. With the shifts from physical to remote to somewhere in between, the way businesses have had to adjust over the past 2 ½ years continues to challenge and shape how companies engage and support customers and clients.

A lot continues to change in the way people communicate. One of the major elements to StoryFile technology and the way we think about the future of business communications is through conversation, including the way we formulate questions. You might think about the traditional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tool and how this text-heavy format has been one of the main ways businesses communicate anything from employee onboarding information, product updates, to customer support issues. This format has traditionally been used as a way to address repeat questions, to help get people information quickly and efficiently.

StoryFile technology centers human questions by using Conversational Video AI. You can embed on your site, share with your customers, or distribute within your organization to create stronger connections. Imagine asking the Head of HR a question about your company’s employee benefits and having them respond in real time? Rather than searching through a 60 page onboarding document, the employee can quickly get the information they need from a real person and in real time, but with the Head of HR only having to answer the question once. All of this becomes possible with Conversa from StoryFile.

More than being human-like communication, StoryFile centers human communication. You can feel it. We focus on human gestures, speech, cadence, and make otherwise difficult or impossible conversations possible. In other words, it feels real because it is real. We make AI feel more human.

Conversa puts the power of Conversational Video AI in your hands

When we launched our Conversa by StoryFile platform six months ago, we knew we were onto something big. Our patent-protected platform provides all the tools needed to create your unique storyfile. Build your question set, collect video, review and train interactions, and publish anywhere on the web, in the metaverse, or in-person. We listened to our early adopters and learned a lot along the way. So far our clients have been pushing the boundaries of innovation with a help desk FAQ, course training, reimaging virtual human banking, meeting a company CEO, and developing resources for pain management.

Here are the big updates for Conversa 2.0:

Conversa Studio makes it easier to invite others to record their stories

Conversa Studio brings conversational video to customer service, talent acquisition, corporate training, meet-and-greets with company leadership–and more.

Engage directly with your target audiences: invite anyone to record their storyfiles, with their own devices (including smartphones and tablets), on their own time, from anywhere. You can then review, share, and publish!

Produce a professionally-captured storyfile end-to-end

Fresh out of beta mode, the Record tab allows your team to capture storyfiles directly to Conversa. Record for any use case, direct from your computer’s internal camera or even using the highest quality cinema camera available.

Conversa 2.0 gives the ability to professionally video record a storyfile directly in Conversa so your storyfiles are available in real time.

Create your new storyfile, build your questions, connect your devices to your computer, and capture high-quality HD images with no editing required.

High standards of security

At StoryFile, building trust is how we form relationships. As many of ourclients know, we work with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. We do work with Holocaust survivors, WW II survivors, and many public and private figures and organizations all over the world. In order to have an authentic experience with these amazing individuals, businesses, and organizations, we use actual videos of these subjects with stories told in their own words. Securing our client’s data is a must in order to preserve these stories.

StoryFile will be SOC II certified and GDPR compliant soon. Together these confirm that StoryFile operates within the globally accepted standards of trust for handling people’s data. Our clients can be confident that all data stored on our platform will be managed and secured with the utmost care.

We’re beyond excited to share these updates with our current clients and new ones too! If you have any questions or want to try out our technology solution to see how it can help you solve your business problem, we’re here to help. More details to come!

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