What is a storyfile?

Conversational Video – videos that talk back

We make AI feel more human.

In honor of Black History Month, visit StoryFile’s Black Voices Collection.


Conversa Record Tab
Professionally video record a storyfile directly in Conversa so your storyfiles are available in real time.

Conversa Studio
Invite individuals to record storyfiles, wherever they are.

Highest Standards of Security
StoryFile clients can be confident that all data stored on our platform will be managed and secured with the utmost care.

More About Conversa

StoryFile Life

  • The perfect way to preserve your life story and your memories.
  • Create your own StoryFile, or gift it to a loved one for as low as $49!
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Introducing Conversa

This Is The Evolution Of The Chatbot – Bringing The Human Back

– Conversa puts the power of conversational video in your hands.

– Its easy-to-use, no-code platform gives you the tools to create storyfiles.

– Bring Conversational Video AI to customer service, talent acquisition, corporate training, meet-and-greets with company leadership – and more

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