Professional Studio Services

Helping companies create conversational videos with the highest level of services.

Professional Studio

We conduct and process professional quality single camera, VFX, and volumetric interviews in 6K on our green screen stage, as well as high definition single camera interviews anywhere in the world.

Creative Development

Athletes, celebrities, historical figures–even Santa! Tell us your use case, and we produce the entire conversational experience from concept brief to AI training.

Exhibit Consulting

We develop best practice design briefs for your physical and virtual mixed media exhibit spaces.

Learning Solutions

We can embed a StoryFile conversation in your existing online learning resources OR help you develop a full lesson from ideation.

Technology Development

Once you create your StoryFile, we offer web customization services to fully integrate your conversational video experience directly into your sites.

Content Leasing

Interested in existing content? The StoryFile library has over 60 professionally produced interviews with public figures that are ready for you to license today!


Get an overview of the Conversa product launch from StoryFile.

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See how Healthy Soil Biomes connected a global audience to farming and sustainable experts.

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Read how storyfiles enhanced sports conversation for Edtech company Versus (VS).

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