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Black History Month Edition: Honoring Black notable leaders by sharing their stories.

Los Angeles, CA, February 08, 2022

StoryFile Presents: Black Voices Collection

StoryFile’s AI-powered technology lets anyone have their own conversation with an incredible group of African American civil rights leaders, politicians, authors, innovators and witnesses; The limited release celebrates Black History Month and interacting with these heroes is free to all, along with a way people can preserve their own life stories.

StoryFile has announced the launch of the Black Voices Collection—a group of AI-powered conversational experiences that allow the public to engage with some of the most interesting and heroic people in American history. Anyone can visit and start a conversation with one of the last living witnesses to the Tulsa Massacre, or to a living son of slave, one of the country’s greatest poets, or the first Black astronaut. It’s free and available to interact with these StoryFiles throughout Black History Month.

Try it now:

StoryFile is also making it free and easy for people to preserve their own experiences with the at-home version of the technology and the free, new Black Heritage StoryPack to get them started, which includes over 200 questions.

The Black Voices Collection includes:

    • Ambassador Andrew Young, Former Atlanta Mayor & Former US Ambassador to the UN; Politician, Diplomat, & Activist
    • Joe Levin, Co-Founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center
    • Dr. Valda Harris Montgomery, Author and Civil Rights
    • Nikki Giovanni, Poet, Activist, & University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech
    • Hank Thomas, Original Freedom Rider & Civil Rights Activist
    • Joyce Ladner, Activist and Author
    • Lessie Benningfield Randle, Tulsa Massacre Survivor
    • Viola Fletcher, Tulsa Massacre Survivor
    • Daniel Smith, Activist and “Living son of a slave”

  • Frederick Gregory, First Black Astronaut

**More StoryFiles will be released throughout Black History Month as part of the Black Voices Collection.**

Nikki Giovanni said, “Coming from ancestors who for years told our story in song, in dance, in faith and hope and especially prayer, StoryFile is one more step and I am so proud to be a part of this history.”

Joe Levin said, “StoryFile’s process of preserving interactive conversations with people for decades to come is an amazing way to document history It’s not just the individual stories that are so important, but the way in which those cumulative experiences make history seem as if it’s happened right before your eyes. Additionally, the professionalism, research and attention to detail that went into my time as a StoryFile interviewee was incredible.”

Dr. Valda Harris Montgomery shared, “I was excited for the invitation to be a participant with Story File…Would I do it again? Yes, without hesitation! Because it is so necessary to preserve the accuracy of historic events for current and future generations.  How better to do this than to have “real people” giving first-hand accounts of “real events”. I am thrilled to have been a part of this process and to share my story in my own words.”

StoryFile is the inventor of conversational video, a technology that creates a recording of a person that anyone, in the future, can ask questions, learn from, and have a real-time conversation. It’s been called the most emotionally resonant and engaging way to find out about a person’s life, loves, and challenges. StoryFile has long been involved in preserving the memories of people who have witnessed some of the most tragic and seminal experiences, including Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans. StoryFiles have been presented in public at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Japanese American National Museum, and throughout Tulsa during the commemoration of the Massacre, to name a few.

StoryFile CEO Stephen Smith said, “Everyone has a story to tell, and our mission at StoryFile is to provide the tools to each and every person to share that story and preserve it for generations to come. We are honored to share the Black Voices Collection for Black History Month, which currently includes 11 incredible StoryFiles. We hope people find talking to these people as life-changing and inspiring as we did.” He continued, “We also wanted to provide an opportunity to record your own Story. The Black Heritage StoryPack will be free for all of February and includes over 200 questions. Thank you for trusting StoryFile with preserving our history, heritage, and tradition.”

The Black Heritage StoryPack is a free StoryPack (i.e. a set of questions) for people who want to preserve their experiences using StoryFile Life, the easy-to-use version of the technology. Record your own story, or ask you grandma or your favorite teacher the questions in the StoryPack and the memories will become your own AI conversation, available for generations to come.

Preserve Your Legacy

About StoryFile:

StoryFile LLC was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles by Heather Smith, Sam Gustman, and Stephen Smith. StoryFile uses AI, AR, VR, and its proprietary innovative technology to create and inspire human connections across generations to connect the past, present, and future. StoryFile developed the world’s first conversational video interactive platform that gives the storyteller the opportunity to tell their narrative and experiences in their own words. The spark of human connection that emanates from this technology is unprecedented, because never before has technology allowed for real time video interactions with pre-recorded interviews. StoryFile has achieved the previously thought-of impossible by taking 2D video and transforming it in a 3D experience for all stakeholders. StoryFile’s technology platform is transforming how we record and tell our stories for generations to come, ensuring the future can forever interact with and learn from the past. What fuels the company is the very thing that keeps humanity motivated–creating connections that span lifetimes and geographies.

Today, the company has over 20 employees worldwide, supported by a Board of Directors and Advisory Board with experience across various industries spanning technology, genealogy, media, and entertainment. StoryFile continues to push to new frontiers with the development of its own IP,  3 patents, and volumetric capture technologies. More information at

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