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Face-to-Face, pandemic-proof visits with Santa are free for kids all over the world, using StoryFile’s AI-powered conversational video on any connected device.

Los Angeles, CA, December 13, 2021

Talk to SantaIt’s easy to talk to Santa!

For his second year, he will show off that he has learned to understand Spanish, and he has a free gift to help families preserve their holiday memories.

Ask Santa, Powered by StoryFile LifeStoryFile, the AI startup that is revolutionizing the media landscape through its proprietary technology, announced the return of Ask Santa!, Powered by StoryFile Life. When the project launched last year, children from over 170 countries interacted with Ask Santa, enjoying holiday cheer despite the pandemic (and difficulties meeting traditional in-person Santas). The completely free service was created by StoryFile Co-Founder and CEO Heather Miao Smith and her team as a gift to the world.

Ask Santa! stands above the entire virtual/remote Santa business sector because when children ask Santa a question, they receive direct and immediate answers and responses via video. StoryFile’s technology means that children can have face-to-face conversations with Santa and ask almost anything—ranging from Christmas, family topics, health, Naughty or Nice Lists etc.

This year, Ask Santa! offers a Spanish language edition: people can ask questions in Spanish; Santa will respond to the question in English. (He’s too shy about his accent to speak yet). Ask Santa will be available in multiple languages in the future.

The online interaction with Santa is designed for families and children of all ages, especially for children aged 3 through 12. Users visit Santa at his Grotto in the North Pole (where he is proud of his recent renovations on his red sled) and have a real time and natural conversation. Ask Santa! is available online at AskSanta.StoryFile.Com, and can be accessed and showcased on any monitor, computer, mobile device, or screen. Ask Santa! can also be life-sized or larger than life for use in a public setting.

“The StoryFile team is thrilled to bring back AI Santa for the holidays. We combined our innovative technology and passion for connecting people with the magic of Christmas. I hope families everywhere come together to speak with Santa and have a wonderful Holiday season,” said Heather Miao Smith, StoryFile CEO & Co-Founder. “This year, we are also excited that Santa is sponsored by StoryFile Life, the gift of the season.”

Santa’s gift for families is free access to StoryFile Life, the at-home version of StoryFile’s conversational video tech  that anyone can use to preserve family memories and loved-ones’ life stories and words of advice for generations to come. Premium packages are available and make a perfect holiday gift. Further details on StoryFile Life pricing & packages can be found on the website.

StoryFile, which has been featured on 60 Minutes, has been in the news recently for projects with William Shatner, the Tribeca Film Festival’s Immersive Section, the Miami Crypto Experience with top tech investor Tim Draper, and the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.

In partnership with Paint For A Cure and the Red Sled Foundation, Ask Santa! is encouraging anyone that is able to make a holiday donation to help those in need. 100% of donations made through the Ask Santa! website go directly to these causes, with links to their respective websites.

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About StoryFile:

StoryFile LLC was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles by Heather Smith, Sam Gustman, and Stephen Smith. StoryFile uses AI, AR, VR, and its proprietary innovative technology to create and inspire human connections across generations to connect the past, present, and future. StoryFile developed the world’s first conversational video interactive platform that gives the storyteller the opportunity to tell their narrative and experiences in their own words. The spark of human connection that emanates from this technology is unprecedented, because never before has technology allowed for real time video interactions with pre-recorded interviews. StoryFile has achieved the previously thought-of impossible by taking 2D video and transforming it in a 3D experience for all stakeholders. StoryFile’s technology platform is transforming how we record and tell our stories for generations to come, ensuring the future can forever interact with and learn from the past. What fuels the company is the very thing that keeps humanity motivated–creating connections that span lifetimes and geographies.

Today, the company has over 20 employees worldwide, supported by a Board of Directors and Advisory Board with experience across various industries spanning technology, genealogy, media, and entertainment. StoryFile continues to push to new frontiers with the development of its own IP,  3 patents, and volumetric capture technologies. More information at

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About Paint For A Cure:

On November 27, 2019, the day before Thanksgiving, Eric Weinbrenner’s life was changed. Eric was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a neurodegenerative disease that affects the brain’s connection to muscle function. Within a year, Eric has almost entirely lost his ability to speak, relying on voice banking and supportive devices to communicate, and is experiencing a slow, but notable, decrease in his physical abilities.

With no known cure and the knowledge that ALS will ultimately inhibit his ability to walk, speak, and eventually breathe, Eric turned to painting to cope with his diagnosis. The therapeutic nature of painting distracted Eric from his diagnosis and allowed him to channel his energy into art. Recognizing the healing power of creativity, Eric and his wife, Jen, founded Paint for a Cure with the hope of bringing together artists to raise funds for families affected by ALS.

Paint For A Cure is inspired by the families facing ALS head-on and are committed to helping them succeed. Paint For A Cure is dedicated to providing financial support to families, creating a community of allies, building ALS friendly housing, and advocating for promising research and therapies to improve quality of life and bring dignity to people with ALS. Paint For A Cure’s Mission is to cure the financial burden that ALS brings upon families. Visit the Paint For A Cure website for more details.

About Red Sled Santa Foundation:

For many years, the Red Sled Santa Foundation has made the holidays special for children. The Foundation provides programs, services, fun and educational holiday gifts, and essential needs for low income, special needs, medically challenged and terminally ill children so they experience a memorable and meaningful loving holiday. The Foundation accomplishes this mission through fundraising efforts, gifts from generous donors, and support from local merchants for our annual “Fill the Sleigh Toy Drive.”  To learn more, visit

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