Conversa powers Conversational Video AI.

The patent-protected no-code platform provides tools to collect video, create and train AI interactions, and publish anywhere on the web.

Conversa is the next step in the online video revolution.

With Conversa, businesses have the ability to build content to amplify and create effective interactive courses, interviews, and trainings.

Conversa enables authentic conversations and enhances audience engagement. Whether through:

  • Corporate Training
  • Online Education
  • Customer Service
  • FAQs
  • Meet-and-Greets with Company Leadership

The experience of talking and asking questions is foundational to how people trust, learn, and connect.

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Features & Benefits

Build Stories

Access to templates to create questions, topics, and responses that help tell your business story.

AI Training

Tools to assess AI accuracy that ultimately support audiences and business cases.

Automatic Publishing

Upload additional media and add AI training data with the click of a button.

Superior Customer Service

Professional services and bespoke trainings to get the most out of Conversa.

Ease of Use

No coding required. Point and Click. Learning Academy to help guide adoption and training.

Platform Agnostic

Embed on any website, share anytime, anywhere.


Understand why conversations work through actionable insights and AI accuracy.

Engaging Video Content and Unique Messaging

Talk with a human. Ask questions and get answers with interactive video.

StoryFile + Conversa

StoryFile revolutionizes the way we connect through conversation.

As the Conversa platform evolves the core idea of connecting through conversation is infused in the technology. The application for interactive conversational video gets at the heart of human connection.

Co-Founder Heather Maio-Smith conceptulized the idea of keeping conversation alive with survivors of the Holocaust. Co-Founders Stephen Smith and Sam Gustman had the idea to document family history using cloud-based and  crowdsourced technology. The four joined together and created StoryFile as a new way to automatically preserve human histories and share stories in the cloud.

Through the click of a button, StoryFile technology enables conversation. From sales and product information to customer service and corporate training, there’s now one platform that replaces the FAQ, the chatbot, and the explainer video. We believe that technology is designed to support people—not the other way around. That’s what makes our technology more human.


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See how Healthy Soil Biomes connected a global audience to farming and sustainable experts.

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