Conversa Studio TERMS OF SERVICE Addendum

Last Updated: September 16, 2022

This Conversa Studio Addendum is a part of StoryFile Inc.’s (“StoryFile” or “our”) Conversa Terms of Service and governs your use of our content creation tool, Conversa Studio. Conversa Studio is included as a part of the Service provided by StoryFile under the Conversa Terms of Service. 

  1. Seats. With respect to Conversa subscriptions that provide multiple seats, only the authorized account owner(s) may provide other users with access to Conversa Studio for the purpose of recording StoryFile Videos. We may allow you to purchase additional seats. To inquire, please contact us.
  2. License by You. You may submit your own audio, images, text, video, other works of authorship and other User Content, as defined in the Conversa Terms of Service, to us for the purpose of creating StoryFile Videos using Conversa Studio. By saving your User Content in Conversa Studio, you hereby grant StoryFile all rights included under the User Content section of the Conversa Terms of Service.  
  3. License from StoryFile. Subject to your compliance with the terms hereof, StoryFile hereby grants you a limited, nonexclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable right to access and use Conversa Studio and to download Your Content and Your Data (as defined in the Conversa Terms of Service) in accordance with your or the Conversa account owner’s Subscription or Reseller agreement. You may not create StoryFile Videos using Conversa Studio for third parties, except where a Conversa account owner has provided you with Conversa Studio access to create StoryFile Videos on the account owner’s behalf.
  4. Other Terms. All other terms set forth in StoryFile’s Conversa Terms of Service, including Your Responsibilities, govern your use of Conversa Studio. To the extent there is an express inconsistency between the two documents, this addendum will prevail.