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Isn’t she lovely?

Moms are amazing – they are superheroes, extraordinary beings, and role models – and they deserve to be showered in love and gratitude all year long. Whether you were raised by your biological mother, step-mother grandmother, or a mother figure, all of these women hold a special place in your heart. 

At StoryFile, we believe mothers should be honored every day of the year, and especially on Mother’s Day! As Mother’s Day approaches, there are countless ways to show our love and appreciation for moms throughout the world. StoryFile Life offers something unique – the gift of life. 

Gift Mom StoryFile Life – let her tell her story, in her voice, for future generations. Cherish every moment and memory with Mom!

Why StoryFile Life?

Have you ever wanted to interview your Mom? With StoryFile Life, you can learn more about her childhood, her views and experiences, and preserve her advice for when you need it most in the future (i.e. when you have your own children, get married, experience career and professional changes, or other life accomplishments).  

Every year on Mother’s Day, we find ourselves looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift to show our gratitudes to the moms in our lives. The StoryFile Life Gift Pack for Mom is the gift that keeps on giving. 

How to Buy Your Mom a StoryFile Life Gift Pack

  1. Log into StoryFile Life
  2. Click on the “Questions” drop down tab at the top center of the menu bar
  3. Select “Gift Pack – for Mom”
  4. Enter your Mom’s email address email address
  5. Click “Buy for $49”
  6. Checkout

Record your own StoryFile in the comfort of your own home.