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The company on a mission to make AI more human has launched Conversa™, placing powerful enterprise level Conversational Video tools in the hands of global businesses.

Los Angeles, CA, April 5, 2022

A technology that had previously been a specialist service used by museums to collect interactive memories, is now a tool designed to enhance communication across the business world.

StoryFile, the inventor of Conversational Video, has launched Conversa™, the first and only enterprise SaaS solution that provides tools to collect video, to create and train AI interactions, and to be published anywhere on the web. Conversa is a subscription-based web-app that provides the technical tools for companies and institutions to create compelling Conversational Video for their teams, clients, and the public. It gives businesses control over their content, messaging, and branding. It gives audiences agency to enquire through an immersive, humanized experience that is engaging and impactful. 

Conversa is the engine that will revolutionize business communications,” said Stephen D. Smith, CEO of StoryFile. “It makes previously impossible asynchronous conversations possible, at scale, and forges a new kind of relationship between companies and their audiences. Wherever there is a question to be asked and answered, there’s an application for Conversa.


StoryFile’s patents such as the  ‘Natural Conversation Storytelling system’ and ‘Artificially Intelligent Interactive Memory System’ provide the technological background to what the company describes as Video 3.0 – interactive, multi-media, multi-modal and metaverse compliant video content.  Conversa is already in use by a number of Fortune 500 companies that use it for employee training, projects to preserve institutional memory, and for customer interactions of all kinds. StoryFile intends Conversa will be used to drive all manner of Video 3.0 engagements across Web 3.0 applications, including asynchronous learning, recruitment, dating, and metaverse conversation. 

The cloud-based automated web-app provides the workflow to create a fully interactive StoryFile – question generation, capture, transcription, translation, natural language processing, publishing, distribution, and end user engagement. When audiences ask a question, Conversa is able to sift through all corresponding interview clips for that StoryFile to find an intuitive conversational response. Essentially, using StoryFile’s proprietary technology and AI, the system can match pre-recorded answers with future questions, allowing for a real-time yet asynchronous conversation to occur.

Conversa supports a variety of business cases, including employee onboarding, marketing and sales, and corporate training – the possibilities for connecting, learning, and sharing are endless. It is a highly flexible no-code web app that can use any camera/web-camera and an assortment of templates and multimedia tools to replace the FAQ, the chatbot and all the explainer videos. Companies also get to learn from the data created via the Conversa dashboard: Did audiences ask the right questions? Is the company providing the right information? What types of questions or information requests are frequently asked? Using such data, companies are able to constantly monitor, update, and adapt to customer requests.

Conversa provides business solution for companies of all sizes, ranging from creators/entrepreneurs to small scale businesses and global enterprises. 

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About StoryFile:

StoryFile is making artificial intelligence more human. As the inventor of conversational video, the company was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles. Now the patent-protected technology it developed powers both the Conversa platform and a consumer version for home use, StoryFile Life. Conversational video allows users of all kinds to make deeper human connections whether it be for family history, commerce, customer service, education, or any collective human knowledge that needs to be shared. Conversa is the only SaaS solution that allows anyone to create and publish their own interactive conversational video content, and create the FAQ, the leave-behind, the chatbot, the explainer video, and more. With videos that talk back, StoryFile is revolutionizing the storytelling and communication industries. Wherever there is a question to be asked, there’s a use case for StoryFile. To learn more, visit

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