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StoryFile Life Leads Effort to Preserve Veterans’ Stories Using AI

Los Angeles, CA, November 11, 2021

StoryFile Life will be offering two story packs—free of charge—to preserve Veterans’ stories generally.

Use promo code: PM-RWW2

StoryFile, the technology company committed to preserving stories and legacies using the world’s first interactive conversational video platform, announced the launch of a gift to everyone working to preserve Veterans’ stories. Using StoryFile Life—the company’s new platform that empowers anyone to use AI-powered conversational video—those who have served the country can become living history at the touch of a button. Specifically tailored “story packs” present questions for a subject to answer that spark future conversations.

StoryFile Life will be offering two story packs—free of charge—to preserve Veterans’ stories generally. The StoryFile Life oral history team developed a set of interview questions carefully tailored to capture the stories of any Veteran (using the promo code PM-HERO21). For the second pack, StoryFile has teamed up with Remember WWII (RWWII) to offer a way for those with powerful stories about their WWII-specific experiences and military service to share their experiences (promo code PM-RWW2).

RWWII is also hosting the War Story Challenge to gather as many personal histories of WWII Veterans as possible. Now through January 31, 2022, anyone can film and submit a video interview of an Allied WWII Veteran for a chance to win $25,000. Additionally, the person who submits or conducts the largest number of interviews on StoryFile Life will win an all-expense paid trip for two people to Normandy for the 80th anniversary of the invasion in 2024. To enter the War Story Challenge visit: Additionally, by visiting StoryFile Life and completing a StoryFile using the promo code PM-RWW2, individuals will be automatically entered into the contest.

To achieve their mission, RWWII is using StoryFile Life’s platform and tools to crowdsource and create an interactive archive of WWII Veteran stories. StoryFile Life is making it easy to interview and record Veteran stories, and will allow generations in the future to interact with these stories in life-like real-time conversations using natural language processing. It connects pre-recorded answers about their service during WWII with questions that may arise in the present or future. Both RWWII and StoryFile are committed to preserving stories and legacies for the future, and as such it was a natural fit for RWWII to utilize StoryFile Life’s technology to crowdsource, record, and interview even more veterans.

“StoryFile is an online, automatic, and real time tool for everyone to be able to tell their own life story—and our Veterans’ stories are such an important part of our history, such important stories to capture,” said Heather Miao-Smith, StoryFile CEO & Co-Founder. “We are proud that Remember WWII is utilizing the StoryFile Life technology to crowdsource these stories, and we hope as a result, these stories reach many, many more people, across generations. Why shouldn’t everyone take on the responsibility of preserving these experiences?  As a nation, we are forever grateful to these heroes.”

To tell your Veteran stories, please follow these easy steps:

  • Create a free account on StoryFile Life
  • Enter promo code: PM-Hero21
  • Start recording

To tell your WWII Veteran Stories and Opt-In to the War Story Challenge:

  • Create a free account on StoryFile Life
  • Enter promo code: PM-RWWII
  • Start recording

*PM-Hero21 promo code will be available through November 30, 2021. PM-RWW2 promo-code will be available through January 31, 2022.*

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About StoryFile:

StoryFile LLC was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles by Heather Smith, Sam Gustman, and Stephen Smith. StoryFile uses AI, AR, VR, and its proprietary innovative technology to create and inspire human connections across generations to connect the past, present, and future. StoryFile developed the world’s first conversational video interactive platform that gives the storyteller the opportunity to tell their narrative and experiences in their own words. The spark of human connection that emanates from this technology is unprecedented, because never before has technology allowed for real time video interactions with pre-recorded interviews. StoryFile has achieved the previously thought-of impossible by taking 2D video and transforming it in a 3D experience for all stakeholders. StoryFile’s technology platform is transforming how we record and tell our stories for generations to come, ensuring the future can forever interact with and learn from the past. What fuels the company is the very thing that keeps humanity motivated–creating connections that span lifetimes and geographies.

Today, the company has over 20 employees worldwide, supported by a Board of Directors and Advisory Board with experience across various industries spanning technology, genealogy, media, and entertainment. StoryFile continues to push to new frontiers with the development of its own IP,  3 patents, and volumetric capture technologies. More information at

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