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By Stephen D. Smith, Chair & CEO, StoryFile

Conversational Video is taking hold in a big way. Just six months after launching our SaaS platform Conversa, which enables clients to create and manage their own storyfiles, I’m excited to announce the roll out of Conversa 2.0 with new features and tools influenced by the feedback from many of our blue chip clients. Conversa also recently won the International Saas Award as well and we couldn’t be prouder of our v1.0.  Here are a few of the highlights from the new Conversa 2.0.

Highest Standards of Data Security

StoryFile is set to be SOC II certified and GDPR compliant as of October 2022. This confirms that we operate within the globally accepted standards of trust for handling people’s data.

Fast, High-Quality Production Timeline

You can now professionally video record directly in Conversa so your storyfiles are available in real time. This is an exciting development, especially for those wanting to capture high quality HD footage with no editing required. You can now film, upload immediately and interact with your recording without having to wait for a lengthy post-production process.

Conversa Studio Makes Business Communication Easier

One of our most anticipated features is Conversa Studio. You can now engage directly with your target audiences: invite anyone to record their storyfiles, on their own time, from anywhere. We envision this feature for customer service, talent acquisition, corporate training and onboarding, meet and greets with company leadership, and much more. StoryFile is helping businesses create compelling communication, providing efficiency and better engagement with clients and employees.

Conversational Analytics at your Fingertips

Businesses worldwide are challenged with capturing helpful, accurate, and actionable data to support their customers or employees. Conversa Chat Logs provide valuable insight into what your customers really want to know. Using the conversations they have with your storyfiles, you can easily spot gaps in existing content. Maybe customers are asking different questions than you originally anticipated?

Get ready to enjoy Conversa 2.0 very soon!

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