The StoryFile Studio Experience

Intimate . Personal . Unique

We’ve created a warm and comfortable studio space for capturing life lessons, personal memories, and more. The StoryFile Team conducts extensive research on the individual’s background and experiences, and is able to work closely with family, friends, and colleagues to gather stories and insights. Together, we will curate a bespoke script that facilitates the telling of your unique and amazing story.

The Studio experience includes state-of-the-art film equipment and production expertise guided by the StoryFile Team. These high-quality StoryFile recordings can be viewed on a mobile phone, desktop, hi-def monitor, and/or holographic display.

This professional option is perfect for:

  • Preserving a family legacy
  • Enhancing institutional experiences and memories (for example, an interview with the CEO or HR)
  • Providing museum-goers with an immersive exhibit (for example, an interview with an expert or historical figure, which makes a previously static event an everlasting experience)
  • Expanding the personal brand of a thought leader or influencer
  • Any Q&A or interview needs!

Let us know the kind of experience you want to create and how you’re thinking of using the technology by filling out the contact form, and we’ll brainstorm together!