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About StoryFile

Have you ever interacted with a life-sized hologram of an astronaut and asked him what it's like being in space? How spectacular would it be if you could ask Stephen Curry to teach you his jump shot? Our proprietary technology makes these dreams possible.

StoryFile captures, preserves, and makes our stories accessible. Our mission is to distribute these stories and voices globally to enhance humanity and empathy through engagement.

Our technology is robust and it’s there to serve our mission. Without a doubt, Conversa™ is the differentiator that will allow StoryFile to spread its wings and scale. However, the technology we've invested in and will continue to develop is only worth the human connection and learning that it serves. The seven-phase workflow of Conversa™ captures human history that will transcend space and time. It allows a granddaughter to capture her grandmother's paella recipe in the kitchen with video and voice and make it timeless; it allows a first-time college attendee to learn from a venerated professor; it allows a curious child to ask questions of a Nobel Prize Laureate; it allows a young entrepreneur to receive advice from an industry titan; it allows a son to speak with a parent who has passed away; it allows a full-scale professional production of digital, interactive Q&As of popstars, musicians, comedians and other cultural icons for all of us to converse with 1-on-1.

Come join us on this meaningful journey.

What is StoryFile

The Opportunity

Since time immemorial, humans have been connecting and telling stories. Humans seek to connect - to interact, to build community. We seek to preserve the treasures that are our legacies, knowledge, wisdom, memories and voices - and we have an insatiable appetite to consume such treasures. Human connection is a necessity for all 7.8 billion of us in the world.

We have come a long way in how we communicate and interact. We read what people write and we watch what they produce. We experience connection through video and photos as well. We can watch conversations, watch each other laugh and cry, but until now, photos and videos did not allow us to interact - that is, to be more deeply engaged. There are channels for communicating with creators, but only through impersonal and time-delayed posts or emails. Current digital media fails to fully capture the spirit of our humanity.

What if photos could talk and articles answer questions? What if celebrities could satisfy our curiosities and creators could share their creative inspirations whenever we ask them? What if we could spend hours having meaningful conversations with our heroes. What if we could converse with our loved ones even when they are no longer with us? StoryFile revolutionizes how we engage with digital media and knowledge.

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Here’s How it Works

An individual is filmed answering questions about their life that are processed and stored on the StoryFile platform. Users can then have a real conversation with the filmed-version of the individual on the web or mobile application. StoryFile’s platform promotes user-led education and curiosity, providing an opportunity for users to directly engage with the interviewee. StoryFile captures the interviewee’s legacy in a way that no one else does by empowering the interviewee to pass on their values, struggles, life lessons, morals, decisions and more while inspiring future generations.

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Why Us?

Our Team, Our Passion

An iconic company starts with a unique idea and transforms dreams into reality by delivering products and services wanted by global consumers. StoryFile succeeds because our founders have spent decades focused on improving human behavior, by creating and supporting projects that enhance humanity.

The StoryFile team has spent years connecting storytelling to technology, and vice versa. Over the past eight years, the founders have developed a form of interactive storytelling highly successful in bringing the interactive stories of Holocaust survivors to multiple museums around the United States. Using the unique knowledge gained, the team has created a mobile native cloud-based platform, Conversa™, that reduces production costs, increases speed and flexibility, and provides universal access across multiple devices.

Our track record is important - and it's not just about knowing how to develop a digital technology platform with global reach. It's about our dedication to the mission. A passion to connect humans to each other, to share knowledge, to preserve memories, to help all of us leave our wisdom for the next generation.

And we aren't doing it alone. We've on-boarded a team of seasoned and proven-successful advisors to provide us with robust perspective on business, technology and culture.

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