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About StoryFile

StoryFile is changing the way people interact and communicate with each other and the world through user-led, voice-activated video that leverages AI to enhance engagement. We provide a platform for intimate and interactive natural conversation, which allows individuals (through direct participation) to preserve, share, and consume stories and experiences through our proprietary and innovative legacy capture system. StoryFile is reimagining storytelling by preserving memories, moments, and beyond, in a meaningful way that empowers the storyteller and you.

The magic of StoryFile comes alive for those with a passion for human connection, and a never-ending quest for curiosity and knowledge. By preserving stories and history in a fashion that allows you to have authentic interactions, StoryFile is not only creating a new form of archiving stories, but is also creating more sustainable bonds between people, everywhere. Creating a world where everyone, anywhere, anytime, can connect with those living or in the past is finally a reality with StoryFile. This visual and interactive storytelling platform will give you the opportunity to have a natural conversation across time and space.

Here’s How it Works

An individual is filmed answering questions about their life that are processed and stored on the StoryFile platform. Users can then have a real conversation with the filmed-version of the individual on the web or mobile application. StoryFile’s platform promotes user-led education and curiosity, providing an opportunity for users to directly engage with the interviewee. StoryFile captures the interviewee’s legacy in a way that no one else does by empowering the interviewee to pass on their values, struggles, life lessons, morals, decisions and more while inspiring future generations.

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